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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hours away from a freeze warning. many of you will feel the temperatures drop to the 20s. first on 4, an escaped prisoner, hit, kicked and even spit at officers over a five-hour period of time. tonight we'll show you a new view of some of the attack and a boxer competing in our backyard, many you saw on nbc 4 is fighting for his life. off the top at 6:00, a chill in the air didn't stop people from enjoying the day at the park. >> doug kammerer says today is the coldest day of the season. in fact, some areas saw snow
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flurries. say what? in october, we saw areas of snow up toward damascus reporting some snow. for us, we saw a couple of flurries around parts of the area and most of them to the north. 54 degrees and thanks the high temperature. 15 in annapolis and only 49 in hagerstown and tonight it is going to be one cold night as we move on through the rest of the region and under a freeze warning tonight and that freeze warning goes into effect this weekend and right on into tomorrow and it includes the d.c. metro area and you know it is cold when d.c. is included. the cold won't last and one more chilly day tomorrow as we begin to be under the influence of the cold air and look what happens. we get much warmer, back into the 70s by mid-week and we'll talk about that and show you the cold numbers tonight in just a moment. >> thank you very much, doug. our nbc washington app has all of the information you need to prepare for tonight's chill. you can use our interactive map
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to find the temperatures in your area just search weather alert. it is one of the most popular stories on the nbc washington app. word tonight of some improvement by the boxer who suffered a brain bleed during a fight in fairfax. pritchard colon is following surgery to relief spannish on his brain. a spanish-language media outlet is reporting the boxer is now breathing on his own. the fight broadcast showed colon getting knocked down twice of terrell williams in washington and he passed out later in the locker room. >> we have new details tonight on the man prince george's county police say escaped from a police car and assaulted three officers. derrick ward has more on the incident that was caught on camera and the video that you saw first right here on news 4. >>. >> it started with a traffic stop in the intersection of mir
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cook road saturday afternoon. according to prince george's county police, a passenger who would be identified as giovanti young became agitated. police said they used constraint. you see young on the left side of the screen getting handcuffed and beginning to struggle with police and a few seconds later he's taken down. >> we he complains of an injure we, we take them to the hospital and have them checked out and evaluated. >> having been cleared at the hospital, he is taken to being booing and another incident begins to unfold as they approach wells parkway. young begins leaning back and forth and side to side while seat belted into the front passenger seat. >> the officer says that he's leaning forward, the seat belt is unclipped and manipulates the door handle and rolls out of the car. >> the officer gets to young and it's five hours after the
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initial traffic stop and another interaction between the suspect and the officer starts. >> attempts to kick, and attempts to strike and spits at the officer several times and successfully bites the officer at least once. >> reporter: a few seconds of that incident were caught on video from a bystander. young was hit with a baton and advertised and he was taken to the hospital for those injuries and there are the eyewitnesses and the officer's perspective and the individual's perspective. all of those things have to be looked at. >> soon police would get a positive i.d. and learn that young was wanted for failing to appear on an armed robbery charge and he's arrested and sent back there to face those charge wes a set of new ones which include three counts of assaulting police officers. derrick ward, news 4. we've got new information tonight about an inmate who died in custody at the fairfax county jail. paul guido was found unresponsive late friday. jail staff worked on him until staff arrived and he was taken
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to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. he was accused of violating a protective order for the third time. a family of six is without a place to go home tonight after their house in fairfax county burned down. this happened overnight on mount vernon. new tonight, we learned that the house did not have smoke detectors or sprinklers. we heard that one firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the redskins' third loss in four games, dropped them to last place in the division. >> carol maloney is live. what happened? >> there is the bottom of the division and the eagles and the giants will meet tomorrow night and they'll soon have company there in the standings in the nfc east. it was the first half that was so promising and then it turned into a second-half nightmare. they didn't see that coming, huh, with all of the trend of the third quarter struggles and
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the redskins looked good out of the gate and now the 13-10 lead at the half and then the wheels came off in the third quarter. kirk cousin, a short, low throw, intercepted by darrelle revis and one of third for cousins and both led the touchdowns and there you get to see one of them and ryan fitzpatrick under pressure and he'll take off and the wide open lane and right up the middle and the 18-yard run brings out the crazy eyes for fifth and the redskins lose 34-went and it's not the injuries weighing on jay gruden. >> the second half we laid an iga. a big egg. with or without the players, if we don't change the way we come out at halftime, it doesn't matter who is in there, we have to do better at getting the best out of the guys. >> it's not for a lack of awareness and for whatever reason it's not happening because if you can't play all
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four quarters at a high level, you're not going to win and it's very important not to let the third quarter slip. >> cousins brought up a number of questions about his future. jason pugh has the latest on the meadowlands on the job security of the skins' qb. erika? >> we'll see you soon. it is a powerful stand against the bill cosby mural. find out who says that piece of art should come down and why. and a real-life nightmare during a zombie-themed event. we'll show you what had people running and ducking for cover.
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right now police in florida are looking for the person who opened fire at a zombie-themed festival. police say nearly a dozen shots were fired in fort meyers. more than 20,000 people were attending the annual zombicon festival. the scene was so condition fusing because so many people were in costume. >> at first people, we were, like, we didn't know if it was real or fake and people were screaming it was fake and we went to go see what was up and it definitely wasn't fake. >> police are trying to figure out if the shooting was random or if there was a possible motive. "the washington post" is taking a stand against comedian
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bill cosby. an editorial states it's time a larger than life mural of bill cosby is taken down. it's painted on the side of ben's chili bowl, the iconic location on u street. the mural sends the wrong message to the public about what incidents are, quote, okay to overlook. for years, women have accused cosby of sexual assault. cosby has denied all of the allegations and he has never been charged with a crime. we've been warning you about the cold ahead tonight, but doug says warmer temperatures are just around the corner. these guys out there not letting anything hold them back from playing their game and doug's up with his forecast coming up next. i'm darcy spencer live in northeast washington where there was a special dedication at this intersection today in the memory of a woman who was struck and of a woman who was struck and killed here.
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an arrest in a deadly stabbing in temple hills on friday. gigi thomas is charged with murdering davale avery. an argument ended in a stabbing. police are holding thomas without bond. tonight a street in washington
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bears the name of a woman killed by a drunk driver as she was leaving a church meeting. darcy spencer is on whitfield way in northeast. >> we are now unveiling ruby whitfield lane. >> it's a dedication marked with mixed emotion. their sadness that a 71-year-old woman was struck and killed by a hit and run driver after leaving a meeting at her church, but there is also celebration that ruby whitfield will not be forgotten. her husband and daughter were here for the dedication. we want to thank everyone for the hard work, and i love you all, okay? the signs are up at 11th street and florida avenue in northwest d.c. where mrs. whitfield was hit while in the cross walk. the dedication was attended by dozens of people, her family, her church and city leaders. >> it will take time to get yourself back together, but you
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are still never together. ruby whitfield way was two and a half years in the making. it's not just about a couple of sign, it's a reminder to all drivers. >> this is a triumphant occasion because it signifies the long-term impact that her tragic death has had and will have the issue on traffic calming and public safety. >>. >> reporter: back out here live, some traffic safety improvements were already made and this halt signal was put in place at the intersection after her death. it basically stays dark until you press a button and then it brings all traffic here to a halt. we are live in northeast, darcy spencer, news 4. >> so cold today people were taking out the heavy coats and for tomorrow they'll need the gloves and the hat? >> at least start the day. >> that's incredible. >> we're in october. >> i know. i know. the angelo temperature this time of year is 50 degrees and we'll
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be struggling to get to the 50-degree mark tomorrow for many of us, and a very cold start once again and a freeze warning in effect and a great shot and we did have cloud cover, too and it prussed showers and flurries in parts of the area and hard to believe that some lookeds did receive a little bit in the way of snow earlier. >> 61 degrees and winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour and it's 51 with a 15, mile an hour wind. it makes it feel that much colder. 45 is the current temperature in gaithersburg, and huntingtown, 49 and 46 in winchester and 46 back down. getting up and walking out the front door tomorrow and yeah, maybe the gloves and the hat and 38 degrees between 7 and 8:00 and that's in the city and many of you will be around the 31-degree mark and tomorrow
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afternoon still chilly with plenty of sunshine, we'll get to a high of 57 degrees and that's still 10 degrees below average and what to wear tomorrow? is it the coats, sunglasses and aum brela? >> that's the only thing you're not going to wear tomorrow and you'll need the hats and long pants and the sunshine, you'll see it during the day tomorrow and you can only look cool and it will stay on the storm side. once again, we've been saying this all week and we've not had the chance at all for the next seven days. see the showers trying to come through earlier? it started off with? snow in western pennsylvania and made its way down to our area and most of the area remained dry, but you can see the clouds coming in and the clouds are forming as a result and how cold it is in the upper levels of the atmosphere. take a look back toward the west and nothing, but sunshine back here. watch this. take a look at these temperatures back to the west. 78 in denver. 75, bismarck, north dakota at 75 and we are sitting at 51
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degrees. we'd love all of this warm air to come our way and the good news with that is it is coming our way. look at boston. 42, and the cold air will leave and we'll see it replaced by warm air. it will be cold. 29 in gaithersburg and 29 in culpeper and 37 in the city and d.c., but each some areas in the city will get close to the freezing mark and high temperatures in the next couple of days rebounding nicely and 67 on your monday and 68 on tuesday and 74 on wednesday and thursday and highs in the 70s. we do cool back down a little bit and we stay in the 60s this time and i'm not talking about freezing temperatures and at least not now in the next serve seven to ten days. >> the governor's mansion is bright pink and it's to raise awareness for breast cancer 75,000 women will be diagnosed this year. >> coming up, in, turnovers doom
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the redskins at the meadowlands and carol is up next with
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this is the xfinity
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sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> we're starting to get into a pattern here, but this is not the type of pattern that we want to be in. >> do you remember the eagles' win that had the wow feeling? >> yeah. >> it was two weeks ago, and it feels like it was a really long time ago for the redskins and it was a familiar script for the skins and it had it all, the nonexistent running game and it was off in the second half and what quickly looked like it could be an upset turned into a route. >> kirk cousins looked to lead the redskins with the injury-depleted lineup and the skins came up strong and after they recovered a fumble the offense threw the touchdown strike of pierre garcon, and skip ahead to late in the second quarter and brandon marshall is intercepted by brelan and he recovered two fumbles and had the skins took the lead, but the
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third quarter, a problem for the burgundy ask gold and cousins' throw intercepted by darrelle revis and it was low and it was short and it led to 14 points for the jets and fitzpatrick under pressure and he'll take off. guess who's got the will to cut in? and he's right up the middle and he's in. 18-yard touchdown run and crazy eyes take a 20-13 lead and more problems for the skins deep and marshall making people miss. tackling a problem for the redskins and 35 for the play and ends up 27-13 and the redskins did not give up. fourth quarter and ryan quigley punching in his own end zone and blocked and rashad has it jumping on it and they're two scores on the ensuing kickoff and let's do good and mayeson foster thought it was flipped out and here are the chances to come back and redskins can't
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recover and they come up empty and 34-20 with more from the fed owe land, here's jason pugh. it doesn't matter if the losses are closer complete blou blowouts, but they keep coming up more. we've said that too many teams his season, his coach is not ready to give up on him just yet. >> we've invested a lot of time this season in kirk and we'd like to see the film before we move forward with any crazy decision, but we stand behind kirk and see what happens next week against tampa. >> the key is to identify what's the issue and get it corrected, and we'll learn, but if i start to question or doubt we might as well throw in the towel and i have to stay positive and keep working and keep believing. >> we have a lot of growing up to do, we have it, and all quarterbacks have been through that and it's a growing process.
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we're definitely behind him and we believe he's a great quarterback and getting better every week. he has to believe in himself and go out there and do what you're supposed to do. >> one more game for the redskins before their bye week. they'll take on tampa bay. coach gruden said it is a, quote, code red from new york. i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. >> thank you, jason. from football to futbol. the united scoreless in the 39th minute and sixth on the attack and gets behind the keeper and he scores, a hard-fought goal here and scores on an odd angle and united out to a 1-0 lead and united up 2-0. fabian espindola. and boom! somehow bends it in for the goal and this one goes to the defender and united adds another
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and they win it 4-0 and celebrating there. >> the chase for the cup. joey logano, the only driver with an automatic into the next round and picks it up and it's a race between kenseth and logano and check out what happens with kenseth and able to say the car, but he would have to withdraw from the race and be in fourth place. >> and logano crossed for the second straight win and he'll be back for the second round in talladega. >> we have to talk about d.q., and guarantees a home playoff game. >> very nice. >> congratulations to them. >> as you guys are getting ready for tomorrow morning, as you get the kids ready tomorrow morning, extra layers. >> we mentioned the freeze warning and that's the area all in the blue right there.
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noti notice petersburg, west virginia. you already have a freeze in that location and everybody else under a freeze warning and the best news here is 57 tomorrow and then 68 and sunny on tuesday. beautiful weather moving in just in time for the rest of the week. 76 degrees coming up on thursday and we don't stay in the 70s, but remember, 68 is the average high for this time of year. mid-60s, sunshine friday, side and sunday. >> it's all downhill for monday. >> that's the news f
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moments of dead limb pact, a deadly typhoon slams into the pill pines, dramatic scenes of survival. festival nightmare, a gunman opens fire at what was supposed to be a fun evening for thousands. everyone dressing up at zombies. how it ended instead with chaos and death. war of words a nasty feud heats up between donald trump and jeb bush over the 9/11 attacks and whether they could have been prevented. and deflategate rematch, the patriots and the colts battling it out for the first time since the football scandal. tonight, their chance to clear the air. nightly news begins now.


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